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Pudding Cups Of Victory

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2nd March 2005

lucastheg5:54pm: Like i said, this community is dead.

13th February 2005

babystar200610:36am: The community is dying you guys! We need to post and eat more pudding.
Current Mood: bored

7th December 2004

littlefotogeek12:43am: mmm pudding
my boyfriend bought me pudding snacks to surprise me. the best kind too-the kind with chocolate then vanilla then chocolate. i was so excited. i love pudding snacks. especially the kind with chocolate then vanilla then chocolate. yummmmy.
Current Mood: content

4th December 2004

superstephen12:29am: I just found two cups of pudding in my backpack. Freaking sweet!

30th November 2004

superstephen4:49pm: The meeting was awesome! The Pudding Club is not official yet, but it is going to be very soon. Mr. Harkin needs to write a note to STUCO and they will give us the paperwork. HAHA! Alex got chewed out by Ms. Macfarlane to go to a meeting! She would have shit a brick if she knew it was about pudding!

28th November 2004

superstephen12:48pm: Tuesday. 5th period. The pudding club will be official. Myself, Kevin, and Mr. Harkin are going to talk to Mr. Whaley about making the pudding club an offical sahuaro club. Oh yes. It is pudding time squared.

23rd November 2004

letyoufall5:55pm: i made pudding.
banana cream.

we'll see how it tastes.
Current Mood: pudding-y

17th November 2004

superstephen9:15pm: BASTARDS!!! Someone stole part of the pudding tower. We have narrowed it down to two suspects. I'm going to keep it on the DL, even though most everyone knows. We need a valid plan of revenge. We first must find out, for sure, who the culprit was. Then, we must find his weak point. It is on like Donkey Kong, ho-bag!

I bought over $10.00 in pudding today. Holy crap! It was so cool. I only ate 2, though. Oh, well. It is all about rebuilding the tower. We shall prevail.

That is all for now. Happy pudding-eating.

30th October 2004

fatboy_walton12:13pm: My Poem for Harkin's
Well, I don't believe this, It turns out that both Stephen and I wrote poems about pudding for Mr. Harkin's class. I just read his poem, and it's unusually similar to mine. It's funny how parallel they are without either one of being influenced by the other. Well, I guess I'll show you guys my poem.

Cups of Happiness; Cups of Love
by Alexander Walton

It flows like a river of lusty brown
To fill the cavernous voids of empty sorrow.
It is what it is
And what it is, is my love.
It is my passion. My greatest desire.

It is a raging dark beast
A behemoth of russet yearning.
It rises up from the shallows of New England shores
From moss
From algae
From pure, unadulterated ardor.

When unified, it can not be tamed
But its undulating mass of life is separated
Each segment is ripped from the mother and placed anew
In rising fortresses of cylindrical plastic
Sealed in by decorated aluminum.
The tomb of my love.

One by one I will release them.
Let them breathe the air
And drink deep the essence of all being.
Let them bathe in their shining freedom.
Let them reunite withe their chocolate desires
And touch the faces of those who know them best.

On by one I will release them
And take their abandoned shells as trophies.
Each discarded cell shall be stacked
One upon the other
Until the tip of the tower punctures the membrante betwixt Earth and Heaven.

Do not worry brown.
Be it by spoon or by spade,
You shall be free.
superstephen10:31am: My Poem for Harkin's

It can be dark; brown as earth, yet smooth, smooth as the finest of garments.






Imprisoned in a clear, plastic cell. It is but a fetus; cut off from the world so cold.


It is pure; untainted.


                        The veneer is peeled away, it is exposed.


It flows into the mouths of the masses,

It penetrates their being.

The dragons of the world are vanquished for a fleeting moment

As it rolls across one’s palate.


A void              is filled by rich chocolate;

It engulfs the woes of man, suffocating them.





The      Well            Has            Run            Dry!!!

Its sweet nectar extracted.

All is as it was… Bleak… Sorrowful…















16th October 2004

ddvrazzkikr11:19pm: :)
Hi I'm Liberty & I like pudding :)

Has anybody seen the new pudding snack from Jello called "Pudding Bites"?

14th October 2004

superstephen3:47pm: Friends, Countrymen, lend me your spoons!
Welcome one and all to the Pudding Cups of Victory's official community. This is a place devoted to the consumption of pudding, the purchasing of pudding from crazy cafeteria ladies, and pretty much anything pudding, be it chocolate, vanilla or otherwise. So sit down, grab a spoon and dig in.


13th October 2004

babystar20068:31pm: Pudding!!!
This is so awesome...a community about pudding! Of all things!

Thought I'd share this with you all...

Have a nice day...

Current Mood: chipper
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